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SITHFAB20 Responsible Service of Alcohol (online)

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Program Overview (E-Learning)

Changes to liquor and gaming industry from 1st of JANUARY 2014

• The NEED TO RENEW OLGR RSA falls away.
• The "SITHFAB009A" or "SITHFAB201" Provide responsible Service of Alcohol' will not need to be renewed.

This Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) Training program was released by the Queensland Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) on the 1st February 2009 in response to the mandatory training requirements of the Liquor and Other Acts Amendment Act 2008. Mayfair College has been licensed by OLGR to deliver the OLGR-RSA training program.

A new Bill, the ‘Liquor and Gaming (Red Tape Reduction) and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013’ has been passed by Queensland Parliament.
This will result in a range of changes to legislation affecting the liquor and gaming industries in Queensland, some from 1st of July 2014, others from 1st of January 2014.

Learning Process

This course will involve interactive content including, text, photos, videos, activities and quizzes. The theory part is a per-requisite to the Class-Room course. The program focuses on content which ensure the required performance criteria from the RSA unit of competency (SITHFAB201) is met. The elements of this unit are as follows;
1. Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
2. Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
3. Assess alcohol affected customers and identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused
4. Refuse to provide alcohol


Once you have read and completed all of the activities in all of the four elements you will be required to complete an on-line examination which includes both multiple choice & short answer questions. To receive a Statement of Attainment and current RSA certificate, you will be required to;
  • Complete all of the online activities & quizzes
  • Complete on-line examination which you will need to achieve 90%
  • You will be interviewed over the phone and need to answer verbal questions as final pass mark.
You will be given one opportunity to re-sit the examination. If you do not achieve 90% in the re-sit examination, you will be prompted to re-enroll in the program.


Under current legislation, the unit of competency "SITHFAB201 Provide responsible Service of Alcohol" will not need to be renewed.

Please note: Mayfair College does not hand out any certificates of registered courses without a valid USI [unique student identifier].


STUDENT HANDBOOK (click on picture)
STUDENT HANDBOOK (click on picture)